Monday, July 19, 2010

Pantai TeluK KemanG...

"adoila...nak jatuh ni...."

" yes sir..."

" aikk teropong sapa tu nabihah..."

Located at KM12 (or best known as Batu 8) of Jalan Pantai, Teluk Kemang beach is the most well-known beach to tourists and weekenders. This 1.8KM long beach is usually visited by 20,000 to 30,000 tourists every week and even hits 50,000 to 80,000 during long holidays. This beach is equiped with basic facilities e.g. car-parks, public bath-rooms and toilets. There are also stalls that sell all kinds of souvenirs.

This beach has its attractive landscape. There are also Life-guards to ensure your safety. You have various choices of water activities such as jet-ski, canoe, banaa-boat and of course, swimming!

Near by accommodations are VR12 and VR11 holiday bungalows and Seri Bulan Condominium apartments. They are just walking distance away!

Teluk Kemang beach also serves as a boarding station for many offshore activities organised by VNET, including snorkeling trips, fishing trips, boat-ride, extreme games and etc. See events for more information.

*** lamanya aku x singgah sini teringat zaman kanak2 dulu...umah lama aku pon dah dirobohkan..


sI tEDI said...

Pantai teluk kemang,
umpama taman permainan waktu kecil :))

"myheart"-abieyazaly- said...

a'ah sama lah tedi dulu ayh ngan mak suka bawa km p situ,masa km dok seremban...

...~PeMbUkA bICaRa~...


~@`OrG2 yG kU sAyAnGi`@~


~@~ cInTa ~@~