Monday, February 1, 2010

"MOBS & Kedai Gambar Kami : Cutest Baby with Blanket Contest"

"Cutest Baby with Blanket Contest"
This time it's brought to you by MOBS & Kedai Gambar Kami

Here's the simple rules...

1. Be a follower of MOBS & Kedai Gambar Kami

2. Add both blogs to your blogroll list MOBS & Kedai Gambar Kami

3. Blog about this contest with the title

"MOBS & Kedai Gambar Kami : Cutest Baby with Blanket Contest"

4. Choose a pic of your baby (0-3yrs) with the above theme ... with blanket la ... hehehe. Don't forget to add Baby Name, Age at picture and Current age and tell us a bit about your baby.
NEW NOTE : Contest Picture should not more than 1 year ago.. ok?

time ni nabihah demam so kena la selimutkan dia sket...tapi kalau ikut nasihat doktor dia x bg selimutkan baby time demam...!!!
Name : Nurul Aqilah Nabihah Binti Mohammad Paizal
Age : 1 year 7 month
"Cutest Baby with Blanket Contest"

5. Add the contest banner to your blog sidebar with link back to this contest.

6. Leave your blog link entry + email here :)

7. That's it... simple right??

Now... the best part...


RM40 voucher from Kedai Gambar Kami x 3 winners

Consolation PRIZES

RM20 voucher from Kedai Gambar Kami x 5 winners

... that's 8 winners in total.

So join now ok?

Contest Deadline : 2nd of Feb 2010

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